avatarI can’t help but feel like this one would make way more sense had I done it back when I was actually in college. Then the age difference between Nate and Jeanette Lee would’ve been much smaller. Thats not so say she’s not still a hottie.  Wee-ow. Anyway I’m in the middle of the process of going back and attaching blogs to all my posts. Some of the comics are easier than others because I have certain memories attatched to them. This one goes back to when I worked as a cook and I had this conversation with some co-workers. Albiet I didn’t have to fill in their half of the conversation for them.

Chuck thinks we’re too mean to Chip. Ryan thinks we’re not mean enough. I can empathize with both their postions. I was thinking the other day about how many of our storylines really center around one or two characters, which we never really did intentionally. I think I might make it more intentional moving forward, its a great way to get more familiar with some of these characters.

See you in the funny pages