avatarThe title of this comic is derivative from it’s brainstorming session. Ryan and I were bouncing ideas back and forth for where we wanted to go with this, all we really knew was where it was going to start.  When one of us got sidetracked, the other would bring the conversation back to the comic by saying “So, Nate comes out of his room, arms covered in blood…” 

While I like to think we’ve outgrown masterbation jokes at this point, the fact of the matter is, this is what would be on these characters minds at this point in the story, considering that Chuck had just made a masterbating joke. Now abortion jokes, that just about where our maturity level is nowadays. I love dark humor, and I can appreciate, if done well, shock humor. This is probably the most offensive comic we’ve ever done, because there is no gray area with an abortion joke. You either find it really funny or absolutely not funny in any way shape or form.

I often wonder… Alot of these DC comics are, I think, funnier because, hypothetically, you know where the story is going. It’s for people who’ve already read this storyline. I wonder how they hold up for people reading them for the first time.