avatarChildren at Play first began in a little diner in Manchester, NH called the Red Arrow. Chuck and Ryan and I would go there late at night and have free refils on coffees, and just shoot the shit. We were all pretty creative minded, and loved comedy, and we would talk about the movie ideas we had or the tv ideas we had or whatever. And they were, go-nowhere pipedreams, poorly thought out, and often, only really funny to us, because they were rife with in-jokes and not much else, or the escalation of a scenario that was really more about the inflection than making any goddamned sense. But still it was alot of fun to get together and think of jokes and scenarios and such. 

 I think it was me of the all of us, that was tired of seeing it go no where. And started looking for an outlet I could theoretically start funneling these ideas into. 2002 was about the time that webcomics were first getting popular, and with Keenspace having launched, and with me having a budget of $0 it seemed like the perfect fit.  Originally we planned for it to be, basically, a talking heads comic, reusing alot of art to focus on the writing. Also, we wanted to have each person draw his own corresponding character, in fact, I think I still have some of the respective initial designs somewhere.  But it quickly bacame apparent to me that organizing all three of us would be more work than having just one person take the helm. Chuck and Ryan loved writing comics and thinking up concepts, but weren’t wild about the actual work of turning it into something for mass appeal. 

I remember when I finished the first comic, I touted it around to anyone who’d look at it with a “hey look at this comic I did” and it was awful, honestly, the gag isn’t bad, but it’s certainly not good enough to make up for the lack of quailty art in the original comic. But it was a start, and the start had to be somewhere. I kept moving forward, and learning through experience, and hopefully the comic can now be considered good because of it.

See you in the funny pages!