avatarSo by only the second comic I was already breaking the fourth wall. I don’t know what it is about the fourth wall that makes you wanna break it when you’re first starting to do comics, but its a pitfall few avoid. Looking back, its a mistake that I think really hurt our comic in the long run, considering what it’s been tempered into. I remember we talked alot about it, saying it’d be cool if our characters knew they were cartoons. But it isn’t cool. Just because Tex Avery can do it doesn’t mean I can. Anyway, after a while I realized what a bad idea it was and stopped doing it. I think even when I did it I subconsciously knew it wasn’t working. One of the fun parts of going back and filling in the storyline with directors cut strips is that I can minimize the fourth wall breaching, or make fun of it. Its like I have this short window of time where I’m allowed to do fourth wall jokes, because this storyline is basically fucked anyway, it’d be hard for me to make it worse. 

Also one of the things Ryan and I were tossing around doing was having links embedded in our images so, like Homestar or something, if you clicked around any given comic you might get some supplemental material. We didn’t really do it for many comics beause the extra stuff needed to make sense and the extra work and coding was more than either of us could handle… Ryan can’t handle much on his own 😛 But this was one of the few pages that we actually did it for.  Ryan wrote a paper about bananas in blue crayon. I don’t know if I have the ability to embed links into images without some pretty complex coding now that I”m running on comicpress so when I DO have supplemental material, you can be sure I’ll post it here.

See you in the funny pages.