avatar┬áLike I’d mentioned in an earlier blog,I’m currently in the process of going through and attaching blogs to as many of the comics as possible. I’m kinda streching it out over time because of how vast my archives are, it’s a pretty arduous task. I recently found a folder that has all sorts of newsposts from the first time I posted alot of the older comics. It’ll be interesting to compare what I thought then against what I thought now.

I had to take a few passes at this comic to get it right, there were alot of ideas that I had to put on the back burner in order to establish developing plot points and characterization for Phoebe. I also had to talk with Chuck and Ryan both, to a good extent, to get my motivation right and exactly how to frame everything. While this comic isn’t my favorite, I think it’s solid, and it clearly sets up some great payoff a little while down the road.

See you in the funny pages!