avatarWell, the new site is up and running! After six years of doing comics online, it’s about time I went into business for myself.  Now I know I still have some problems with the layout, specifically if you’re using Firefox on IE7, but as soon as I figure out how to get things stabalized across all platforms it’ll be done.

Also, I tend to keep my resolution on the highest setting, so I imagine that things might look larger than intended if you have your resolution at a low setting, but as far as I know theres no real fix for that.

I’m happy with how well I’ve been able to establish Becky’s character in the few comics she’s been in. I’ve fought hard to make her feel three dimensional, and I think it’s working. When we first used her character, her IRL counterpart really couldn’t be in the comic much because of possible IRL fallout from it, so we needed to establish who she was without really giving her too much screen time, hence the matching sweatshirt. This also stemmed from real life a bit in that chuck and becky both wore alot of hooded sweatshirts, usually band shirts, although they never matched IRL. I’ve gotten to the point now where I can have her lose the sweatshirt without sacrificing characterization, which is good, because I think it was clear even before this comic, that Becky’s not the sort of chick who needs to be identified as being part of a couple, she’s an individual. In her mind a sweatshirt thats the same color as her fiance is happenstance.

See you in the funny pages!