avatarDeveloping three demensional characters is alot of fun, but it’s also alot of work. Instead of mulling over things like dialouge, you end up spending your time trying to wrap your head around the motivation of your characters. One of the major things that held up updates was that, for a while, I had Chuck acting out of character in the upcoming storyline, and it really bothered me. Then suddenly I had an epiphany about how he should feel about this girl Ryan brought over, and this conversation that he’d have with Becky, and everything just fell into place.

The little character interaction between Becky and Chuck at the very end here I thinkĀ is, although not funny, important to developing their relationship with the readers. Although Becky is clearly upset at his statements (just like she’s spent a good deal of time upset at him in past strips) its really only a surface resentment, and a devils advocate position. Theres no substance to it. The characters both know this, but until now, I don’t know if I ever really conveyed it to the reader. It’s just a little thing, but I thinks really important.

See you in the funny pages!