avatarThis girl sure talks alot eh?  Its true that if you look back through the archives Chuck has no extended one-on-one time with any of Ryan’s girlfriends, and while previous storylines had alot of things happen off screen, the fact that Chuck hasn’t really dealt with any of Ryan’s girls in that time either I think reveals more about Chuck’s character than maybe we ever have before. Alot of the things that happen in this storyline pull us away from the gag-a-day format even further and develop these guys more three dimensionally than they ever have been before.

Someone once commented to me, after reading a few of the newer strips, that it seemed like Chuck was the main character, although after she read more she changed her mind to the “all three are the main character” which is more true. But the point is, Nate and Ryan both fit into pretty broad categories. Chuck was always the most normal of the three and so I had to do the most work to develop him as a character, so he would be memorable. I didn’t want it to be like Nate, Ryan, and the other guy, which I think it easily could’ve been if I hadn’t developed the comic in the right direction.

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