avatarI think as a humor strip, this one is particularily weak. Although as character interaction I think it is really strong, and as one of the first new strips coming back from over a year off, it picks up alot of strings that I’d left dangling, including Becky and Chuck studying french, Nate being over tired, and plus it had a great throwback to this comic that was totally Ryan’s idea. In fact it was initially Ryan who was smacking Nate awake. This and the next comic were initially mostly about the kinky sex Ryan was having with the girl, but I wanted to establish things like Chuck having met the girl prior to her real introduction to everyone. There were a couple comics of Nate interacting with late nite commericals that were taken out of here as well, including a joke that dated back to 2002. Which I feel compelled to write about just because it was one of the original ones in our sketchbook. Nate is playing Parasite Eve and Chuck comes out and is like “this game is mad old” and Nate says “Yah, but if you can get to the top of the World Trade Center you unlock the secret ending. It’s taken me hours but I’m almost there” and Chuck says “You know she’s not naked in the secret ending right?” and Nate thinks for a minute and says “Yah, forget this old ass game.” or maybe “You don’t know that shit for sure!”

But you can see why I cut it. It wasn’t a very strong joke even when it was contemporary. I just have this urge to use some of the jokes we thought of when we were first building the comic, sort of an homage to where I was 6 years ago. But alot of those jokes just don’t fit what the comic has become, and I think deep down, I know it.

See you in the funny pages!